The icue Academy - Football training session

The perfect way to get your football fix after school, for children aged 4-14.

Our after school sessions are broken down into three age groups, giving children access to a positive, competitive and nurturing environment. 

Me and My Ball (Ages 4-7) – where children strike a strong connection with the ball, learning to stay connected with it and become more confident dealing with it amidst the chaos of games.  The sessions help children to understand how their body moves and become more skilled at avoiding, evading and escaping from opponents.  

How We Play (Ages 7-10) – where the strong connection children have developed with the ball evolves to collaborate with other children, appreciating how they can support one another on and off the pitch.  In these sessions we aim to evolve children’s understanding of game situations and how they can work together in a variety of creative ways to achieve success.

Our after school sessions cost £25 to register and £20 per month to attend.

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