What does my child need for a session? 

Most sessions are indoors so children need appropriate footwear and comfortable clothing.  They should always bring a refillable water bottle and for half day sessions a snack.  For full day sessions they will also need a packed lunch.   If your child has asthma etc please ensure they have their appropriate medication.

What does a membership include? 

Your monthly membership will allow you to attend a weekly session during term time and then a half day session each holidays.  Happy Feet membership allows you to attend any Happy Feet session each week.

My child struggles with their confidence, can you help? 

Definitely! Our coaches create a positive, nurturing environment that children flourish in!  We help them to understand their strengths and show them how important mistakes are in helping them improve and become better.

I have a son/daughter who is interested in coaching, what should they do? 

Join our Coach Development Program!  We provide opportunities for young people to learn through a variety of experiences, with guidance from Ben (FA Affiliate Tutor and FA Mentor) and the rest of the team.  We’ll allow you to support, observe, plan, deliver, lead and reflect on your coaching and share with you ideas for sessions, how to create a positive environment, manage children’s behaviour and develop practices.

What should I expect to see when I watch your sessions? 

Children smiling, high fives and chaos!  It should look like a giant playground, where the children are enjoying themselves, exploring and learning.  We use lots of game based situations, ensuring there is always competition and challenges to overcome.  Coaches will provide guidance – sometimes with a promt, a question or a picture – but always positively to maintain the confidence and self esteem of the children.

What does iCue mean? 

The ‘i’ is for intelligent.  The ‘Cue’ relates to the cues and triggers within the game.  We don’t use unopposed drills where the children are given commands or tasks to follow.  We use practices where the child faces an opponent and a problem, which they have to overcome.  They will need to be resilient and reflective.  They will learn to respond intelligently to cues, such as their opponents movement, spaces around them or the position of their team mates.

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