The iCue Academy Futsal Friday's 1v1 Practice

Our coaches will guide the children through learning the rules of this exciting game and provide a variety of real scenarios for them to develop their understanding.  We will use the tight boundaries and time restrictions to challenge their connection with the ball.

These sessions are fast paced, a real challenge, but a seriously fun way to improve your connection with the ball and understanding of attacking and defending within a team.

There is a £35 fee to register (which includes your registration fee, red iCue hoody and first months fee).  Membership is then £20 per month, which includes after school sessions during term time and access to Leisure Time Learners sessions for just 50p.

  • 4-8 Year Olds – 6-7pm, Friday’s @ Bemahague Sports Hall
  • 8-11 Year Olds – 7-8pm, Friday’s @ Bemahague Sports Hall
  • 11-14 Year Olds – 7-8pm, Friday’s @ Bemahague Sports Hall
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