Our Mission

The iCue Academy was launched on the Isle of Man in 2016, with the mission of creating a pathway in football for children of all abilities, aged 2 to 16. 
Through a variety of different sessions, we aim to ensure that children can access football appropriate to them – be that a fun introduction to the game, a place they can play with friends, somewhere they can receive suppport to improve their skills, or a competitive environment in which they can become the best player they can! 


The iCue Academy

The ‘i’ is for intelligence.  
The ‘Cue’ relates to the cues and triggers within the game.  We don’t use unopposed drills where the children are given commands or tasks to follow. 
We use practices where the child faces an opponent and a problem for them to overcome, meaning they will learn to respond intelligently to cues, such as their opponents movement, spaces around them or the position of their team mates.  
An ‘Academy’ is a place of learning.


Our Values

Connecting – As people we actively develop connections with one another, to share our values and ideas.  As footballers we develop a deep connection with the ball and as a company we seek a strong connection with the local community
Understanding – As people we aim to understand one another, the impact we can have, respecting our differences and individual strengths.  As footballers we try to understand the game and become independant yet collaborative thinkers.  As a company we try to understand you and your needs, so we can continue to provide the most positive experience to all our members.
Evolving – As people, footballers and a company we must look to continually adapt, grow and develop.  There are opportunities to learn and improve individually and collective every day, if we’re open minded and willing.

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